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    In response to the Government to promote the company's environmental movement, for the benefit of future generations of policy, a symbol of environmental protection to promote enterprise in the highest sense of the ISO 14001 system.

    Through the implementation and promotion of environmental protection system, so that all staff work together to enhance their environmental awareness, understand their environmental responsibilities. Within the enterprise by the "air pollution, water pollution, waste, toxic chemical substance, noise" and the control, requiring the control measures in line with the standards set by environmental regulations in the process to prevent the pollution continued to carry out industrial waste reduction, the implementation of operating standards to improve efficiency and reduce supplies.

    And implement recycling and energy conservation, waste reduction to achieve further reduction of costs, benefits and then profit business goals. Further the combination of suppliers, subcontractors, customers, neighbors, etc. for the business community of life, a common commitment to environmental protection, in order to fulfill our responsibility as a global village.

    ESH Policy

  • Compliance with government environmental safety and health regulations, the requirements of customers and stakeholders, to support environmental protection and a healthy workplace.
  • Education employees, contractors and other stakeholders, to provide proper training, communication and consultation to enhance their awareness and understanding of environmental safety and health environmental safety and health responsibilities, and promote the full participation of the environmental safety and health and health promotion activities.
  • Sources of pollution and damage continued to improve, the implementation of occupational injury prevention and environmental safety and health management and performance.
  • Ongoing industrial waste, maximize the use of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Effective conservation and use of resources, standardization of operations and enhance efficiency, reducing supplies and implement recycling.
  • omply with international environmental conventions and national laws prohibiting the use of prohibited substances, prohibited substances with reference to environmental management operational procedures book.
  • Selected parts of the design phase to the environment of hazardous substances must be confirmed.